Making a journey in time, we will meet representatives of Letters, Science and Art, that handled the French Language excellent, in oral and written form. When we go to school, we will notice on the schedule, that it requires us to choose a second foreign language, one of which is French. Entering the employment arena, we will give interviews and answer the question: “Which foreign languages you speak?” or we will fill up resumes that will include the section “Foreign Languages”. Going for a walk on the historical landmarks of our city or visiting one of its museums, we will frequent tourists. that will speak French. Either  by discussing or soliloquizing, we search the reasons that we learned or still learning the French Language. We say, we want to read the texts of the representatives of the Age of Enlightenment, see the notes on the paintings of great painters, study the sources of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance  or just to communicate. Different people, different reasons, but the common denominator is the French Language.

The website “Rue Savoir”(“Knowledge Street” in English), was created to contribute in the spread of the French Language, offering in that way a small brick in its learning. It is a web-space, where French Language is considered a code of communication and a tool for the exploration of the Culture of France, following the saying, that learning is a journey with a start but no ending. Is there a moment when we can claim that we know the French Language perfectly? Are we in the position of knowing all the rules, every word, every collocation? Can we, at any time, speak about anything? Can we read an article or a text of literature and comprehend totally its content? Probably not, it will need us to go through the pages of a dictionary, to find the meaning of a word or search through the notes of a grammar book, to remember a rule. French are, after all, a language rich in vocabulary, syntax and grammar. So when we decide to learn the French Language, we start a beautiful trip of exploration, during which we continuously study, write, rectify, evolve!

In this web-page you will find information about France, in articles that will refer to Art, History, Culture and Education. On the same time, you will have the opportunity to be informed about the ways of getting a diploma in Greece, that certify your knowledge. In addition you will get acquainted with the  “La Route vers Sorbonne” series of educational books, you will get to download at any time, material for learning or teaching French. It is our wish to be your companions in this journey, we accept, at all times your personal opinion with observations and suggestions.

In conclusion, we wish you a pleasant browsing on our website and we hope that you will find it useful on your attempt to learn or teach, the French Language.

– Evi Markouizou

“This site was made to help people who wish to learn the French Language, who are admirers of or want to study, the French Civilization and for those,
like us, who think that Knowledge is a journey without an ending!
The majority of the subjects herein can be found in French and Greek, which is after all, the author’s native tongue.
Some subjects, mostly the subjects that concern the French education in Greece and some News posts, can also be found in English.
Thank you for your understanding and have a pleasant trip in your voyage to the magnificent world of the French Language”

– Dimitris “Lord Stendor” Markouizos

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