Sorbonne C3

The Sorbonne C3 certificate is addressed to all foreign candidates and it is considered the highest Certificate in french studies. The candidate must be a high school graduate, have a french Baccalauréat or an other equivalent title of secondary education, in addition to the Sorbonne C2 certificate.

Since 1961, it is being granted by the Paris – Sobonne (Paris IV) University.

This certificate is equivalent with the first two levels of French Literature (Lettres Modernes) of the Paris – Sobonne (Paris IV) University. The holder of this certificate must make a petition on the Examination Committee (SELFEE) of the campus in order to receive the corresponding level’s equivalence.

The following table presents thoroughly, the content of the components and their corresponding grades for each. The candidate that scores a total of 40/80 or more, in the writing and oral components combined, is considered successful, taken into account that the writing grades aren’t below 25/50. The candidate has the right to compete twice in the same year on the oral exams.

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